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Note: It is your responsibility to handle question banks and answer keys securely and appropriately to prevent them from being widely available and searchable via the Internet.

Optional Download

This resource contains 16 question banks with a total of 846 multiple choice questions.

Quiz banks are provided as QTI files, a standard format that allows you to import questions, build, and customize quizzes in most learning management systems (Canvas, Blackboard, etc.). These files cannot be opened outside of an LMS.

Quizzes are not provided in written (e.g. MS Word) form in order to preserve the academic integrity of our quiz banks on behalf of everyone using these materials. We adopted this policy after observing how easy it is for quiz banks in written formats to find their way onto websites that promote academic cheating.

Click the name of your LMS to prompt the download of the file.

Once you’ve downloaded the file, visit the Quiz Imports page and click through to the directions for your LMS.

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