Stress, Lifestyle, and Health

Discussion: Stress, Lifestyle, and Health

Thoughts on Stress and Happiness

STEP 1: Answer ONE of the following questions in a discussion post of at least 200 words:

  1. Imagine your 17-year old sister is about to start her first semester of college. She’s always been one to do it all, but can become easily stressed. What advice would you give her about ways to manage her stress, prevent stress, and cope with stress? Use specific theories and examples from your reading.
  2. Do you know people who are happy in one way but not in others? People who are high in life satisfaction, for example, but low in enjoying life or high in negative feelings? What should they do to increase their happiness across all three types of subjective well-being?

STEP 2: Write a thoughtful post of at least 75 words on at least TWO classmates’ posts.


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