Psychological Research

Introduction to The Scientific Method

What you’ll learn to do: define and apply the scientific method to psychology

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Scientists are engaged in explaining and understanding how the world around them works, and they are able to do so by coming up with theories that generate hypotheses that are testable and falsifiable. Theories that stand up to their tests are retained and refined, while those that do not are discarded or modified. In this way, research enables scientists to separate fact from simple opinion. Having good information generated from research aids in making wise decisions both in public policy and in our personal lives. In this section, you’ll see how psychologists use the scientific method to study and understand behavior.

Learning Objectives

  • Explain the steps of the scientific method
  • Describe why the scientific method is important to psychology
  • Summarize the processes of informed consent and debriefing
  • Explain how research involving humans or animals is regulated
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