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Assignment: Sleep and Dream Journal

Sleep and Dream Journal

STEP 1: For this assignment, you’ll be keeping track of your sleep habits and your dreams in order to analyze your sleep habits and examine dream theories. To begin, make a copy of this sleep log.

STEP 2: Keep track of your sleep habits and dreams for a MINIMUM of 3 days.

STEP 3: While it’s not guaranteed you will remember your dreams, you can take some steps to help. Begin by telling yourself you want to remember your dream, then print off the sleep/dream journal and have paper and a pen (or your phone) next to your bed right when you wake up. Try to review the dream in your head as soon as you wake up, and consider specifics such as the people involved, the location and setting, the storyline, or how you felt.

STEP 4: Submit your sleep journal and sleep essay based on the following prompt:

Based on your sleep/dream journal and what you have learned about the purpose for dreaming, write a 1-2 page essay (between 250-500 words) about your own sleep habits.

Your essay should include:

  1. An analysis of your sleep habits. Do you go to bed at the same time every night? How many hours a night do you normally sleep?  How could you be a better sleeper? Do you notice any patterns? What concepts from your text might apply to your sleep habits?
  2. An analysis of your dreams. Why do you usually dream? Are there any patterns or re-occurring themes? Is there any consistency between the things you do during the day and the dreams you have? *If you cannot remember your dreams, you can skip this part and spend more time focusing on the steps above and below.
  3. Your conclusion as to what is the MAIN purpose that we dream and why. Consider the theories presented in your readings.
Criteria Ratings Points
Completes sleep/dream log Completes sleep/dream log for at least three days Partially completes sleep/dream log Does not complete sleep/dream log __/6
Analysis of sleep habits Analyzes sleep habits Partially analyzes sleep habits Does not analyze sleep habits __/7
Analysis of dreams and dream theory Analyzes dreams and describes thoughts about the purpose of dreaming Partially analyzes dreams and describes thoughts about the purpose of dreaming Does not analyze dreams or describe thoughts about the purpose of dreaming __/7
Total: __/20
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