Chapter 29: Contesting Futures: America in the 1960s

Review Questions

1. The term Kennedy chose to describe his sealing off of Cuba to prevent Soviet shipments of weapons or supplies was ________.

  1. interdiction
  2. quarantine
  3. isolation
  4. blockade
2. Kennedy proposed a constitutional amendment that would ________.

  1. provide healthcare for all Americans
  2. outlaw poll taxes
  3. make English the official language of the United States
  4. require all American men to register for the draft
3. What steps did Kennedy take to combat Communism?
4. ________ was Johnson’s program to provide federal funding for healthcare for the poor.

  1. Medicare
  2. Social Security
  3. Medicaid
  4. AFDC
5. Many Americans began to doubt that the war in Vietnam could be won following ________.

  1. Khe Sanh
  2. Dien Bien Phu
  3. the Tonkin Gulf incident
  4. the Tet Offensive
6. How did the actions of the Johnson administration improve the lives of African Americans?
7. The new protest tactic against segregation used by students in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1960 was the ________.

  1. boycott
  2. guerilla theater
  3. teach-in
  4. sit-in
8. The African American group that advocated the use of violence and espoused a Marxist ideology was called ________.

  1. the Black Panthers
  2. the Nation of Islam
  3. SNCC
  4. CORE
9. Who founded the Crusade for Justice in Denver, Colorado in 1965?

  1. Reies Lopez Tijerina
  2. Dolores Huerta
  3. Larry Itliong
  4. Rodolfo Gonzales
10. How did the message of Black Power advocates differ from that of more mainstream civil rights activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr.?
11. What was one of the major student organizations engaged in organizing protests and demonstrations against the Vietnam War?

  1. Committee for American Democracy
  2. Freedom Now Party
  3. Students for a Democratic Society
  4. Young Americans for Peace
12. Which of the following was not a founding goal of NOW?

  1. to gain for women all the rights enjoyed by men
  2. to ensure passage of the Equal Rights Amendment
  3. to de-criminalize the use of birth control
  4. to allow women to participate in all aspects of American life
13. In what ways did the birth control pill help to liberate women?


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