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Barry Mauer and John Venecek



Chapter 1: Understanding the Assignment / Types of Research Projects / Preliminary Research / Calls for Papers

Chapter 2: Identifying a Problem / Considering Audience

Chapter 3: Research as Inquiry / Searching as Strategic Exploration / Scholarship as Conversation

Chapter 4: Research Goals, Theories, Methodologies, Methods, and Skills

Chapter 5: Reading and Interpreting Literary Works

Chapter 6: Reviewing the Secondary Literature / Types of Literature Reviews / Reading Like a Researcher

Chapter 7: Library Services & Resources

Chapter 8: Using Google Scholar

Chapter 9: Evaluating Scholarly Resources

Chapter 10: Refining and Evaluating Your Research Question

Chapter 11: Research as an Inferential and Critical Process / Relating the Conceptual and the Concrete

Chapter 12: Positing a Thesis Statement and Composing a Title / Defining Key Terms

Chapter 13: The Writing Process

Chapter 14: Avoiding Plagiarism and Additional Resources


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