Chapter 7 Objectives

Barry Mauer and John Venecek


This portion of the course covers key library resources: literature databases, academic journals, scholarly monographs, and primary source collections. We also discuss key library services for undergraduates as well as connecting with librarians who specialize in English studies, and search tips that will help make your research more efficient. We also cover an often-overlooked skill: citation management, which enables you to compile, organize, and manage your resources efficiently. Managing citations as you go will reduce the stress of the research process

Learning Objectives

Understanding how to efficiently locate relevant literature will free up time for your reading and writing. You will learn about library services to help you with your search. A key resource is your subject librarian, who is always available to help. In this chapter, you will learn about:

  • Primo, the UCF Library’s online catalog.
  • Database search strategies.
  • Key library services such as research consultations, Inter-Library Loan, the Research Tips Thursdays video series, and the office of Scholarly Communication.
  • Citation management.
  • Creating search alerts.


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