Book Title: Strategies for Conducting Literary Research, 2e

Authors: Barry Mauer and John Venecek

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Book Description: This webcourse walks students through the process of conducting literary research while helping to refine their library skills.

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This book, built in PressBooks with financial support from the UCF Digital Learning Course Redesign Initiative, contains 14 chapters, each of which contains two to six pages about the process of literary research. Pages contain learning objectives, infographics, videos, examples, key takeaways, and exercises. The course contains numerous discussion areas and quizzes. It also contains a “foundational materials” assignment that provides a platform for student success with whatever research project their instructor assigns. The book is highly flexible and instructors may use all or any part of the book within their own webcourse.

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This book is a cloned version of Strategies for Conducting Literary Research by Barry Mauer and John Venecek, published using Pressbooks under a CC BY-NC-SA (Attribution NonCommercial ShareAlike) license. It may differ from the original.


Barry Mauer and John Venecek



Literary studies: general


Strategies for Conducting Literary Research, 2e
Barry Mauer and John Venecek
Barry Mauer
Emily Smeltz; Nikky Suarez; and Erika Heredia
Primary Subject
Literary studies: general
Additional Subject(s)
Research methods: general
Publication Date
August 8, 2022