Getting Started with your Portfolio…

Take a look through the information below to get guidance on how to complete your Portfolio project in Pressbooks.

Let’s get started with how to author a chapter/page:

If you leave and come back, you’ll follow the same process to make an edit to your project:

How to edit a chapter/page in Pressbooks through Webcourses

  1. Enter Modules
  2. Open the Portfolio
  3. Press the “Admin” button at the top of the window
  4. Find your project name and select it
  5. Edit your content.


So…how will you find good multimedia?

Multimedia Resources: (You can find many more image repositories by searching for ‘openly-licensed images’ in Google.)

How to add a license and author personal information to your chapter/page:

If you haven’t published content before, it’s pretty straightforward. Take a look at the types of licenses you can use and decide which on best fits how you’d like to share your project with the world:

If you’d like to explore additional Pressbooks features, please visit the following resource(s):


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