Amir Kellini

Amir Kellini

Environmental Graffiti Art


Environmental Graffiti Art discusses the environmental issues that the world faces globally by using the walls of buildings as canvases to illustrate the problems in a creative relatable way. This form of art is used all around the world, but most commonly in third world countries as graffiti is a convenient way to express opinions, and it is categorized illegal in most of the first world countries. Environmental Graffiti Art is used to highlight to the public the issues that the globe is facing environmentally, whether in a sarcastic way to make it sharable on social media, or in a serious way to conflict pathos with the public.


One of the themes that is commonly visualized in the Environmental Graffiti Art is global warming, Global warming is a rising issue that will affect the whole globe, and the public keeps ignoring the actions that needs to be taken to fix the issue. Environmental Graffiti Art plays a huge role in expressing global warming to the public by being presented everywhere around the world in various forms to keep reminding the public how serious the issue is. Another theme that is presented by Environmental Graffiti Art is smoking and how harmful smoking could be for the environment and the public’s health. Smoking has multiple unpleasant effects on the environment, one of the main affects is littering, as the left overs of cigarette’s and their boxes are one of the main forms of trash found in public. In addition, it effects the public health as many individuals may suffer thoracic health problems due to being second hand smokers. Environmental Graffiti Art enhances the problems that the environment faces from people smoking, moreover it raises awareness to individual’s health.


Graffiti has existed since the ancient Egyptians, as they used walls to draw hieroglyphics on walls to convey their history to future generations. Overtime Graffiti developed into different forms exhibiting different issues through the society. Environmental Graffiti Art started after graffiti became an ordinary method to share news, and over the years it became a permanent approach to picture environmental issues.

This art labeled as” Bowery Mural – Shepard Fairey’s May Day” was made by the famous artist Shepard Fairey in the East village of NYC. It discusses that the public keeps ignoring the changes that is happening to the globe because of global warming and that the public is mostly believing that global warming doesn’t exist. Fairey created this piece as an honorary commemoration for Goldman Wall’s 50th birthday as he was a huge activist and really cared about global warming.


This piece of art discusses global warming and how the planet is heating up and glaciers are melting which is putting wildlife animals in risk of extinction and limiting their resources. It was created on a wall of a container and the author is still unknown as it was illegally drawn next to the Adobe of Chaos, which is an attraction thousands of people visit yearly.



     This piece is located in Georgetown which is really famous for the street art and how influential the art for the community. It discusses the influence of smoking on children and the environment as it was part of a non-smoking campaign that decreased the number of smokers adequately.

Environmental Graffiti Art Is a source of communication between activist artist and the public to express issues that are going on environmentally and politically. Most of the artists use Graffiti to make sure it is viable and visible for many individuals who drive by these walls on a daily bases and convey their message by spreading awareness to the public.


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