Pedro Jimenez

Living as One

PREFACE: My name is Pedro Jimenez. This portfolio is titled, “Living as One” and is licensed under a CC BY 4.0 license.


INTRODUCTION: This portfolio focuses on the relationship between the environment and the individuals that inhabit it. I have chosen to analyze Nils Udo’s “Towards Nature”, Edith Meusnier’s “Sortilège”, and Rebecca Louise Law’s “Community”. The works of each artist center on the relationship between humans and nature with a strong focus on sustainability.


THEMES: This portfolio will demonstrate two themes: nature as an experience and sustainability. The artists portrayed here are prominent environmental artists with multiple works under their portfolio. Each artistic expression is meant to be experienced within an urbanized environment to fully grasp the artists’ intended message. A closer look into each expression reveals they are sustainable exhibitions of nature that provide a thoughtful experience on the world around us.



Towards Nature by Nils Udo

Nils Udo prioritizes nature when creating his artwork. He only utilizes materials found within each natural space to place an importance on sustainability. As stated by Nils Udo, “Nature performs a demonstration of itself.” Udo’s “Towards Nature” exemplifies this statement as it displays a green path towards nature to put itself on display. The installation is located in an urban space to remind audiences of its ecological importance despite increasing urbanization. The grass-covered paths that lead to the center of the installation emphasize its focal point – nature.


Colorful ribbons above river.
Sortilège by Edith Meusnier

Edith Meusnier displays her artwork in urban environments. Her colorful installations create a stark contrast against their urbanized backdrop. The contrast emphasizes the presence of the man-made structure within nature. Much like Udo, Meusnier’s work integrates with the environment. She states, “My work is never frozen, it dances with the wind, nearly disappears under the sun, and reflects itself upon the water. I try to set up a dialogue with the scenery, and as my work is transparent, it becomes part of the site and changes with it through the seasons.” Meusnier’s “Sortilège” consists of colorful ribbons that reflect on the French river l’Huisne. It synthesizes with the season to portray and provoke reflections of the relationship between environment and humans as one passes by.


Stringed hanging flora
Community by Rebecca Louise Law

Like previous artists, Rebecca Louise Law incorporates nature into her installations. She mainly utilizes flora for her creations; thus, she creates works of art that are entirely sustainable. Her art installation enables people to interact with nature and observe its beauty. This specific installation incorporates flora from the local landscape to showcase the community. The interaction between environment and humans is not only showcased through the installation itself, but also through its creation and deconstruction. The creation process involved many volunteers that cut and assembled the specimens. After the installation, the artwork is reincorporated back into the community, thereby creating a harmonious relationship between nature and man.


APPLICATION: Each installation is representative of the relationship type each artist believes humanity should have with nature – harmonious. Each artist addresses concerns of sustainability in their own fashion; however, they all have an intended goal: to utilize a contemporary art form to display the significance and influential roles of humans with nature. It’s important to understand the context of each art installation presented here; they capture a snapshot of the current state between nature and its inhabitants. In an increasingly urbanizing world, it’s important to understand not only our influences on nature, but the influences nature has on us. In doing so, we are able to understand and be conscious of the consequences our actions have on the world around us.


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