Cindy Fallon

The Environmentalist: Jack Johnson

James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge
Kokua Hawaii Foundation

Preface: My name is Cindy Fallon and my portfolio will be on the environmentalist musician, Jack Johnson.  The Creative Commons license I plan to use to publish my portfolio is CC BY.

Introduction: I have decided to compose my portfolio on Jack Johnson because he has made it clear from his music and actions that he truly cares about the environment.  Johnson selflessly uses his fame to organize and establish environmental programs that change our society in a positive manner.  In this portfolio I will be explaining the different environmental programs Johnson has contributed to that have improved society.

Themes: There are two themes that are apparent in Johnson’s actions.  The first theme is that the earth is our home and it must be protected and cared for at all costs.  Johnson seeks to spread information and awareness about society’s environmental and energy crisis.  Without spreading awareness, the human population will harm out home.  The second theme seen in Johnson’s work is the concept of simplicity.  This relates to the style, rhythms, and lyrics in his music as well as his view on nature in society.

Analysis: The three images I chose are a great representation of Jack Johnson and his beliefs on the environment.  The first image is of Johnson visiting the James Campbell National Wildlife Refuge in Hawaii.  Johnson has a strong love and connection towards Hawaii. Because of this, he and his wife founded the Kokua Hawaii Foundation which supports environmental education in schools for children.  The second image is a picture of Hawaii to represent his love for this state.  Johnson was born in Hawaii and loves spending his time in nature and surfing there.  The last image is a representation of Johnson’s music.  As mentioned before, Johnson’s music has a simplistic feeling to it.  He acknowledges nature in numerous amounts of his songs to portray to society that the earth is our home and must be cared for.

Application: Jack Johnson’s role in society is extremely important and beneficial to nature and the environment.  Johnson makes it clear to his audience that conserving nature is necessary for our Earth.  His music and lyrics are a very distinctive way to understand the topic of the environment around us.  Johnson uses both his music and physical actions to spread the word of protecting our home.


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