Case Eastman – Environmental Sculptures and Paintings

Case Eastman

Nest by Nils-Udo
Nest by Nils-Udo
Equilibri by Michael Grab
Equilibri by Michael Grab
Lives of Grass by Mathilde Roussel
Lives of Grass by Mathilde Roussel


Hello, my name is Case Eastman and this is my portfolio on Environmental Sculptures and Paintings. The Creative Commons license I have chosen is CC BY.


My portfolio is all about Environmental Sculptures and Paintings and how much good it does for the world. Environmental Sculptures and Paintings are made to show how things from the environment can be made into beautiful works of art. Some sculptures include art made from trees, rocks, and sometimes leaves. Artists such as Nils-Udo and Andy Goldsworthy make beautiful works of art that represents how fantastic the environment can be.


There are two themes that Environmental Sculptures and Paintings presents: The first one is that it shows the beauty of the environment and why we should do whatever we can to save it. The second theme of Environmental Sculptures is that it works in harmony with the environment rather than disrupt it. Many artists use Environmental Sculptures and Paintings as a way to show that we can use it instead of destroying it. It also spreads awareness and shows people that the earth is our home and how wonderful it could be.


I have added three images that relate to the subject of this portfolio. The first image that I have chosen is Nest by Nils-Udo. Nest is a painting by Nils-Udo that illustrates a birds nest in the middle of a forest. In contrast to the two other pictures, this is a painting not a sculpture. A painting, in my opinion, can capture more of the environments beauty than a sculpture can. The second picture I have included is a picture of a sculpture called Equilibri by Michael Grab. This sculpture has several rocks balancing on each other with what looks like the ocean in the background. The sculpture also gives off a peaceful vibe. The last picture I have included is a sculpture by Mathilde Roussel called Lives of Grass. This shows two “humans” made of grass and it looks like they are falling. This sculpture could be symbolizing the interaction of humans and the plants of the world. These paintings and sculptures show how we humans can interact with the world and how we affect the environment.


Various environmental paintings and sculptures can be a way for people to connect and have more appreciation for the environment around us. It can show the importance of keeping the planet healthy and our land and oceans clean. It can also show how the elements and plants of the world can create wonderful works of art such as the sculptures that were talked about in this portfolio. Artists such as Nils-Udo, Andy Goldsworthy and Mathilde Roussel all use their art to convey the message of the environment. People should be inspired by their work of art and be pushed to create their own paintings and sculptures that incorporate our wonderful environment.


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