Michelle Franco- perspective on environment

  1. My participant is a friend. I met with him over the phone to discuss this assignment.
  2. I have asked him to take three images as he already provided me with them.
  3. Yes, I asked my participant to write at least one paragraph per photo. He has already provided me with his statements. I also asked them to state their candid opinion as well, as well as stated to him that he is not required to reveal any personal information or discuss anything that might make him feel uncomfortable.
  4. My participant has given me permission to use his first name for this project.
  5. Yes I do have another person in mind in the event that my participant could not provide me with the images and statements as requested. However my participant has already shared his images and statements with me already.
  6. My participant has agreed to write a statement that he freely consents to sharing his photos and written statements with me about his perspectives on the environment and/ or health. I have included this request in my communications with my participant.

Pic 1- Seeing the picture of sunset, I believe it’s so beautiful how natural it looks. The way the sky can make colors you never expect to see. Seeing sunset makes me feel peaceful in a way. Makes me feel extremely relaxed and be so thankful for the world I live in today. Being able to wake up and being able to be free without any restrictions. Seeing those beautiful colors makes me enjoy where I live and experience my everyday life.

Pic 2- The PPE masks make me feel not normal. Nobody was used to that lifestyle, it all changed one day to another. Due to the worldwide virus we are all still wearing masks. They make me feel not free, any place we go we have to wear a mask by law if not you are not allowed to enter that place. I understand the mask is to keep everybody safe, but they are getting very uncomfortable. Covid has changed not only my lifestyle, but everybodies also. Changed the way of working, we even got a curfew. At one point if you were not an essential worker you were not allowed to leave your own house.

Pic 3- Seeing almost the whole New York city boarding up including the Empire State Building is honestly scary. That our own state is boarding up in fear of protest and riots due to the election. I believe with how not only the state, but the country is handling everything looks very weak on their part. The government should be able to be tougher than most people with the amount of power they own. I do think they are taking safety precautions, but they should be able to do it in another way. In previous years the government did not have to board up the city to protect the people and themselves.

I freely give consent to sharing my photos and written statement with you about my perspective on the environment and health.- Alejandro


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