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Recycled Environmental Art


            The work of recycled environmental art portrays the ideas of how we need to respect the natural life and the natural world. Recycled Environmental Art visualizes the social and political issues with the natural life we live in and how we create a ton of waste. That encourages upcoming generations to respect and admire the beauty of this art and start to use thrown away items into beautiful art. I believe that Recycled Environmental Art will have the ability to give or show people how important the environment is and how we need to take care from our own waste.


            Two themes that Recycled Environmental Art is addressing are the benefits of recycling on the wildlife and our waste in public parks. The benefits of recycling on the wildlife, is one of the major themes I found in this research. Our waste and us throwing away our daily consumption and that it affects the wildlife in a negative way. As we all know, throwing away our uses kills animals. For example, when we throw away wires, it ends up being tangled in a bird that holds it in place making it unable to fly and starve to death. But as we could see in the picture artists used these wires to create a Bighorn Ram with these wires, and it looks stunning. Furthermore, public parks have a ton of waste and that shows how people nowadays don’t appreciate the beautifulness of these parks. So, artists took a move and started building benches out of plastic bottles and we could see how attractive and creative they are.


            Recycled Environmental Art is a type of art that artists use discarded waste or materials that were used by us before and has that has no use for the present time. This started in 1912 when Pablo Picasso used bits of paper, pictures, newsprints and small objects to create a new image.

This art piece was made by Chris English, it was made in August 19th, 2007. This piece was made by Chris English it is made up by welded wires, and this shows how we could reuse discarded items to create something special or something artistic.

These benches were created by Amanda, it was created on October 14th, 2008. These benches portray how we could use thrown away items into something useful for other people and how it could affect our environment in a positive way and how it could help people rest on these recycled art benches.

This graffiti was created by Bordalo II in November 17th. This art was made out of painted car bumpers, tires, garbage cans, computers, and waste material. This shows how our waste could be turned into something very artistic. This picture was created by the artist relating to another picture in a gallery show.  



To conclude, I chose this environmental art because I like how artist use thrown away items and reuse them in order to express a problem in their own or in an artistic way to the society. I like these types of art because it portrays how we need to be careful on what we throw away and how it might impact our society and our future. I enjoyed researching about this topic because I have learned a lot about how these artist think and why they do these types of arts.



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