Fouad Braimoh

Fouad Braimoh

“Eat pie of trash” by Blu is licensed under CC by 2.0

“Eating the earth” by Blu is licensed under CC by 2.0

“Environmentally destructive graffiti” by Fadmaa Farasha is licensed under CC by 2.0

Preface: My name is Fouad Braimoh and my portfolio is on environmental awareness graffiti. The license I will be using is Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0). No changes were made to the artwork that is used.

Introduction: My portfolio is about Environmental awareness graffiti and how it portrays the problems of the world. The first two art works are done by an artist called Blu, the first work shows what the earth is currently built upon and how the ground is infected with oils and plastic which affect the earth, its environment and wildlife. The second one shows how elite in the world are profiting from the damages they inflict on the earth and have little to no regard for the environment and the masses. And the last photo was captured by a graffiti enthusiast called Fadmaa Farasha under a bridge. it shows how real news on environmental matters are either left unattended or lied about in todays world.

Theme: The theme I get from the first two above artworks is that humans have misused and abused the planet and the art works are trying to bring about awareness to the issues with humans and the earth. The theme in the third image is that the media is ignoring environmental issues and spreading fake news to its viewers.

Analysis: The first image I chose which was made by Blu in Italy in 2010, it signifies the hidden damage humans inflict on the earth. Although Blu does not give specific meaning or definition behind each of his art works, he does say that his work in general is done to stand as a truth against political events and other socialistic controversies in today’s modern age. The second image is done by the same artist and focuses more on the political events and shows how the people in power only do what benefits themselves, it was also done in 2010 and reflects Blu’s ideals as an artist. I could not find the artist that made the third image but it was captured in 2020 by Fadmaa Farasha and my take on the painting is that it was made by an artist who wanted to portray how the media neglects important news about the environment and will rather tell fake news to the masses.

Application: Environmental graffiti art is a very effective way to raise awareness towards environmental issues, it is most times very captivating and very easy to translate without being told the meaning behind the artwork. It is a very creative way for artist to convey matters of interest to the masses in a different way other than words.



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