Victoria Anger- Benjamin Von Wong

Victoria Anger

                                                   Benjamin Von Wong                                                               An artist that depicts the detrimental impact of humans through                                                          expressive photography.                                                                                                         

His work captures the ideas of pollution and climate change by using symbolism and eye catching pieces; inadvertently distinguishing the harsh actuality of how people present issues on the environment.

My name is Victoria Anger and this portfolio is titled “Benjamin Von Wong; An artist that depicts the detrimental impact of humans through expressive photography”. I will be using a CC BY-NC-ND creative license.
   Benjamin Von Wong 



Themes: Benjamin addresses toxicity and the development of nature. 




He uses the relationship between humans and nature to demonstrate our toxic tendencies towards the environment. His work is focused around addressing the massive conflict of pollution. He uses eye     catching artwork to distinguish the underlying issues we pursue and to confide against the rising problem. Benjamin uses symbolic references to inspire many to take action through spreading awareness of an ignored dilemma. He reuses plastic bottles in a beautiful form to demonstrate a resolution and to strive towards a more environmentally friendly future.

Examples Of His Art:

                           “Oceanic Global” – 2018


                 “Mermaids hate plastic” – 2016


“142,000 computers are thrown          away in the US alone” – 2017


  “parting of the plastic sea” -2019
Analysis: Benjamin Von Wong’s art is based solely around the impact of positive change. He is focused around developing an aspect around the ongoing issues of pollution within our society and help spread awareness through art. For example, he uses various recyclable materials to develop gorgeous forms of art that have an underlying meaning. At a quick glance a majority of his work appears as regular photography, but each containing materials that are harmful to the environment. He addresses concerns behind plastic waste, disposable straws, overfishing, and waste of electronic devices. He mainly describes our society as inadvertently wasteful, due to our lack of knowledge of proper disposal and genuine laziness. He wants to make a positive change through encouraging many to gain a perspective of the harmful tendencies we have to the environment and to finally make a change through positive impact.
Application: Benjamin Von Wong purposefully specializes in an art form that depicts environmental issues. It includes many pieces that address the prevalent problems of climate change, pollution, and various others. His work has a deeper meaning while being attractive to the eye; mainly holding a significant message that correlates to the dilemmas within our environment. His pieces demonstrate the impact of humans on nature, but takes it a step further through discrete symbolism. He exemplifies our current situation and struggle with current problems we are enduring, attempting to enlighten the audience and strive to make a change. Through continuing our detrimental and toxic relationship with nature, it will significantly impact the health of our world. If we do not take action now there will be no future.


Linked is his website that includes all of his pieces to gain a better insight of his beautiful and terrifyingly true artwork.



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