A little background on the AIM ID Workflow…


In your ID role, do you have a faculty member who likes their textbook well enough but is concerned about the high price? Or someone who wants to create their own resource but has few technical skills? Or maybe someone else who is interested in open educational resources but has no idea where to look?

Are you now concerned because you aren’t sure how to guide these faculty members? Don’t worry. This handbook was created for people just like you. The purpose of the AIM – ID Handbook is to serve as a companion for instructional designers at CDL to use in consultation with their faculty. By utilizing this handbook, IDs will be able to:

  • recall the four pillars of the Affordable Instructional Materials (AIM) initiative at UCF
  • define terms associated with the AIM initiative, such as open educational resources and First Day
  • guide faculty as they explore alternatives to their existing course materials
  • identify the resources (materials and people), internal and external to UCF, that can facilitate the faculty process

How to use this workflow

This handbook is designed to facilitate a dialogue between you and the contents of AIM. You will likely begin with a topic of interest and be led through the resource in a (primitively) intuitive fashion until you arrive at your solution. Because this resource was designed from a workflow, the chapter structure is fluid, meaning there are multiple trajectories you might take, depending on the way you answer the embedded questions.

For instance, one of the first questions is “Are course goals being met with existing materials?” Saying “no” will immediately take you on a journey to explore the alternatives; saying “yes” will result in some follow-up questions, such as “Is cost a concern?” You may very well end up at the same destination, but answers to each question helps guide the personal journey.

AIM ID Workflow

Download: AIM ID Handbook Flowchart [PDF]

AIM Essentials


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