First Day

Are the materials eligible for First Day?

You’ve arrived on this page for a couple of reasons:

  1. Cost is not a principal concern
  2. You’ve explored all other content alternatives and have not found a reasonable option (as of yet).

Therefore, you must now address a critical question as to whether accommodations can be made with the current content or if some deeper thought about which content (provided by the publisher or otherwise) is appropriate for their course(s).

If both of the above are true (and you haven’t come up with a way to work through the ‘alternative content’ issue, yet), you may still find value in offering a non-invasive (i.e. little to no work involved) cost-savings mechanism to your faculty.

If you’d like to pursue this item a bit further, take a moment to determine if your faculty member’s materials are eligible for First Day and consider some of the benefits:

How can faculty participate?

If a faculty member wants to participate in First Day, they should contact their local publisher representative or the UCF bookstore to determine the eligibility of the course materials. Most of the major publishers (i.e., McGraw Hill, Pearson, Wiley, and Cengage) already have contracts in place with Barnes & Noble. However, even if the publisher does not have a contract in place, you can inquire with Melissa Yopack (Asst. GM at B&N) to get the ball rolling.

How might faculty benefit?
  • Reduced amount of student emails (especially in the first week) about learning materials and access codes, as First Day eligible courses almost always provide ‘codeless’ access to the learning content.
  • Students are more apt to participate in the first week activities because they have access to the content.

Would your faculty member like to participate in First Day?



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