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Adapt Ancillaries

Depending on where the ancillaries originate, the level to which your faculty can adapt them and the portability of them from one platform to another might be limited. Each resource is going to have to be judged case-by-case, as there is such a wide variety of open ancillaries available on the open web. A few of them (along with their level of difficulty) are listed below.
PhET (level of difficulty to adapt: Hard)

A PhET simulation is somewhat flexible with a variety of pedagogical (how to…) support mechanisms built in to the hosted platform, but faculty may not want to delve too deeply into the HTML configuration of this simulation to try to adapt it.

H5P (level of difficulty to adapt: Medium)

An openly-licensed activity created in H5P, might be within reach insofar as picking up the tool and exercising some creative control over the content:

H5P Content Types

When adapting resources in H5P, your faculty have access to an array of tools and a straightforward authoring interface to create and/or adapt what they may have found elsewhere. The platform supports LaTeX authoring (often used in STEM disciplines) as well. Create a free account.

Canvas Commons (level of difficulty to adapt: Easy)

Assessment items and learning activities shared through the Canvas Commons can be brought into faculty members courses and modified to their liking in a somewhat familiar platform:

Canvas Commons

Microsoft Office (level of difficulty: Easy)

Documents created in Word can be converted into QTI files (via Respondus) and imported directly into Webcourses as a Quiz. Other file types in the Microsoft suite can be used as is and linked to or embedded into the course however faculty might see fit.

Microsoft Office 365 Download at UCF


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