Zero-Cost Content

Can you get the resource(s) through the library?

Whether or not cost is a concern, a good first place to start would be checking with the UCF Libraries to see if they already possess or can gain access to the same or similar content.

Does the Library have the resource(s) in their reserves? This means that a student can at least check them out for a limited time.

Does the Library have the required resource(s) in a manner that suits the class (unlimited simultaneous users, etc.)? You can take a look yourself, but we recommend also contacting the library to make sure. It’s even possible that a book or other resource can be purchased by the library in order to facilitate savings for students.

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Contact Katy Miller (UCF’s Textbook Affordability librarian). Let her know the faculty’s name, course, and required materials at a minimum. We’d recommend giving her as much detail as possible about the required materials, such as ISBN and edition number. Katy will either research it herself or consult with the person’s subject librarian. She will get back to you with next steps. If the exact resource is not available, there may be alternatives to consider.

Were you able to find library resources?



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