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Unit 8 Instructor Guides may initially seem like lengthier teacher lesson plans, but they differ in the intended audience and level of detail. A lesson plan is made just for you to teach the lesson. Sometimes, it is also given to substitute teachers, but typically they do not have the background experience or sufficient detail in a lesson plan to ensure students will achieve the objectives. Whereas an Instructor Guide is made for any qualified individual who wants to teach the lesson or training, and to help ensure a return on investment. Companies, businesses, or school districts ideally want to create instruction and trainings that qualified individuals can teach or conduct while achieving similar outcomes. As you’ve seen from this course, systematic design takes considerable time, effort, and resources. Creating instructor guides provide a return on investment, since they facilitate the reuse of materials and enables organizations to reuse instructional materials that they invested so much time in creating.

Dick, Carey, and Carey (2022) explain instructor guides briefly in Chapter 10. “The instructor uses the instructional strategy as a guide in producing outlines for lecture notes and directions for group exercises and activities. In professional and technical training, the designer often develops a formal instructor’s guide that provides detailed lesson plan-like guidance for lectures, discussions, and participant activities, whereas in educational settings, daily lesson plans or the course syllabus serve this purpose” (Dick et al., 2022, p. 253). It is important to note that you will need access to your Instructional Treatment Plan where you purposely chose an Instructional Strategy to guide your instructional events. These will be specifically referenced throughout your Instructor Guide and help sequence the order of instruction.

This unit will focus on you being able to create an Instructor Guide for the particular unit of training or instruction that you have developed thus far.



Terminal Objective. Given an instructional treatment plan, develop an instructor guide that depicts what instructors should do during both synchronous and asynchronous components of an instructional unit.

Enabling Objectives. To achieve the terminal objective, you should be able to:

  • generate front-end information about the course or training program;
  • generate a two column table for each instructional unit that
    • lists what students are supposed to see or do in one column and
    • lists what the instructor is supposed to say or do in the other column;
  • communicate how each instructional event related to your selected instructional strategy is addressed throughout the unit;
  • distinguish both asynchronous and synchronous aspects for each event; and
  • generate the final components such as an Appendix and Table of Contents.


Required Resources

To complete this unit, you will need access to your team’s Analysis Report, Instructional Treatment Plan, and Flowcharts and Storyboards. You will reference these throughout to ensure components of the Instructor Guide are aligned to the objectives, instructional events, and sequence of your unit of training or instruction.


Recommended Instructional Events

  1. Review Dick, Carey & Carey (2022) Chapter 10 – Developing Instructional Materials.
  2. Under the designated discussion topic, provide a short description of what you have seen individuals and organizations do, or should do, to facilitate the transfer and reuse of materials by other instructors.
  3. Download and review the Instructor Guide Checklist to familiarize yourself with the components of an Instructor Guide.
  4. View the Instructor Guides PowerPoint to read key concepts about generating Instructor Guides.
  5. Generate and post individual drafts of an Instructor Guide for your unit of training or instruction.
  6. Respond and post any questions or comments you may have about the information covered in this unit in the proper location on the course bulletin board system.


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