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The orientation to EME6613 is divided into two basic components:

  1. UCF’s Webcourses Orientation provides tutorials and information on how to use Webcourse@UCF (particularly useful for first time or novice Webcourses users in either the totally online or mixed modes); and
  2. EME6613 online Course Orientation covers important information specific to both the Web and Mixed mode sections of EME6133.

To complete the orientation, please go through each of the events listed under Instructional Events (below). If possible, you should complete the online course orientation (and the Webcourses orientation if necessary) BEFORE the first scheduled synchronous online meeting.

If you have any questions or concerns during or after you complete the orientations, please be sure to contact the instructor as soon as possible. Contact information is given in the online course syllabus.


Orientation Objectives

Terminal Objectives.

Given access to the course syllabus and a general description of systematic design, you should:

  • demonstrate an understanding of key course requirements;
  • compare your prior knowledge and experiences with the topics, tools and techniques to be addressed in this course.

Enabling Objectives.

Given access to online orientation materials and the online course syllabus, you should:

  • Gain confidence in your ability to successfully complete course assignments;
  • Recognize when instruction may be appropriate for addressing performance problems
  • Identify methods for determining when instruction is appropriate;
  • Identify major steps involved in systematic design process, including key inputs, processes, and products associated with each step;
  • Identify advantages and limitations associated with instructional systems design; and
  • Compare instructional systems design to related fields (i.e., Instructional Technology, Performance Technology and Curriculum & Instruction) and personal experiences.


Required Products

By the end of the orientation period, you should have:

  • Posted your autobiography and self-assessment of your prior design skills and knowledge to specified location in the Discussion area of Webcourses; and
  • Met with team members, created a team name, discussed and set team norms and communication protocols, and selected and submitted topic for course project.


Required Resources

  • Online resources and information linked under “Recommended Events” (below).
  • Dick, Carey and Carey (2022) course textbook.


Recommended Instructional Events

  1. Scan the table of contents of UCF’s online Webcourses Orientation.
  2. Carefully read entire online Course Syllabus.
  3. Read Dick, Carey and Carey (2022) Chapter 1 Introduction to Instructional Design.
  4. Read Overview of the Systematic Design Process.
  5. Reflect on what you already know about teaching and learning, and compare it with the skills, knowledge, tools and techniques to be addressed by this course.
  6. Review and complete Activity A by preparing a short autobiography and educational philosophy statement. Either post your autobiography and educational philosophy in the body of, or as an attachment to an original message posted under the specified topic (Autobiography) in the Discussion area of Webcourses.
  7. Post additional questions or comments you may have about Chapter 1 and orientation related materials under the specified topic in the Webcourses discussion area.


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