Chapter Eight: Using Google Scholar

Chapter Eight Objectives

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This chapter focuses on a key companion to library resources: Google Scholar. Although we focused on subject databases in the previous unit, Google Scholar can be a helpful addition to any literature review as well. Not only does it capture resources not available directly through UCF, but it includes useful tools such as journal and author alerts, the “cited by” feature, journal metrics, author profiles, and more. We review these and other research tools and show you how to use Google Scholar in tandem with our subject databases.

Learning Objectives

This chapter will help you to understand how Google Scholar works as a companion to the library system.

  • Use Google Scholar and institutional databases to retrieve full texts or to request an article via inter library loan
  • Expand your search, do citation chaining, set up journal alerts, view author profiles, journal metrics, and more
  • Use Google Scholar to link directly to citation management programs such as Endnote, Mendeley, and Zotero



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