Chapter 7: Library Services & Resources

Introducing Primo!

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Primo is the name of the libraries’ online catalog. The key access point is located in the center of the Libraries’ homepage:


Use Primo to search for books/e-books as well as other materials such as media, journals, documents, and more. These formats can be viewed by using the “document type” limiter in the sidebar.


Virtual Browse: One of the new Primo features is virtual browse, which allows you to see books related to your search. For example, the catalog record for the book James Baldwin: A Critical Study features a visual scroll at the bottom of the record for the following related titles:

Virtual Browse-1.PNG

Uborrow: You can view and request items available at libraries throughout Florida by conducting an “everywhere” search in Primo. This will show the results for items not owned by UCF that can be requested via our Uborrow service. To request an item, simply open the record, sign in with your NID, and follow the prompots to request the item through the Uborrow service:


Accessing materials from these institutions is fast and easy and a convenient way to be more comprehensive in your research.

To see how all this works together, watch this short video tutorial:

An Introduction to Primo Search from UCF Libraries on Vimeo.




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