Need some help using Pressbooks? Here are some places you can go.


If you need technical support, contact UCF’s PressbooksEDU Network Manager at


The Pressbooks User Guide goes into depth on both basic and advanced features of Pressbooks, such as creating footnotes, setting up a table of contents, editing your book’s CSS, and testing your ebook across multiple platforms. It also has a section with comprehensive instructions on how to use Pressbooks features that are specific to educational publishing.

The Pressbooks Network Manager’s Guide is designed specifically for PressbooksEDU network managers and contains everything you need to know about administering your network.


You can also search our knowledge base for articles that will show you how to use the most essential features of Pressbooks.


We offer a growing collection of tutorial videos on PressbooksEDU features. You can find those in this playlist on our YouTube channel. The channel also includes other tutorials on frequently asked questions.

This PressbooksEDU Demo may also help you get started.


Many people have created resources for how to publish open educational resources, or OER, using Pressbooks as a platform. The following resources may be useful to you:

BCcampus Open Education Accessibility Toolkit, Amanda Coolidge, Sue Doner, and Tara Robertson,BCcampus Open Education

Importing Open Content With Pressbooks, Steel Wagstaff, UW-Madison

BC Open Textbook Authoring Guide, Lauri Aesoph and Amanda Coolidge, BCcampus Open Education

Authoring Open Textbooks, Melissa Falldin and Karen Lauritsen, Open Textbook Network 

Modifying an Open Textbook: What You Need to Know, Cheryl Cuillier, Amy Hofer, Annie Johnson, Kathleen Labadorf, et al., Open Textbook Network

A Guide to Making Open Textbooks with Students, Robin DeRosa, Rajiv Jhangiani, Timothy Robbins, David Squires, et al., Rebus Community 

The Evolution of Affordable Content Efforts in the Higher Education Environment: Programs, Case Studies, and Examples, Kristi Jensen and Shane Nackerud, UMN Libraries Publishing

Faculty OER Toolkit, Shannon Moist, BCcampus Open Education

Print-on-Demand Guide, Lauri Aesoph, BCcampus Open Education

UH OER Training, William Meinke, UH OER

Rebus Office Hours, a monthly webinar on OER led by the Rebus Community and the Open Textbook Network

We hope to expand upon these resources in the future.