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UCF Pressbooks is a tool designed to help you create and (publicly or privately) disseminate your academic and educational works. It is as much a piece of software designed to handle the end-to-end publishing process, as it is an educational tool that can be integrated with Webcourses@UCF to deliver instructional content grounded in the principles of inclusive teaching and the learning sciences.


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Getting started

Any member of the UCF community can sign in (with their NID and password) and start creating content in Pressbooks immediately. (Select “Create…” link below.) However, if you’d like to learn more about the tool and/or talk further about how it’s is being used at UCF, please reach out Jim Paradiso, UCF Pressbooks Network Manager at

Create a Pressbooks Resource

Learn the Basics from a Pro (Steel Wagstaff)

Working with Students in the Margins ( Web Annotation)

Pressbooks has built in support for, which is a web annotation tool. Users can highlight and annotate Pressbooks content right in the webpage itself leading to a more engaging and interactive experience. Select this highlighted text to see the tool in action.

A Vehicle to Accelerate Change and Elevate Student Voice (and Choice)

Pressbooks is often used as a tool to facilitate the creation of open educational resources (OER). Take a look at the impact OER has on students and the teaching and learning community at large.

  • Slide 1: A Review of the Effectiveness & Perceptions of Open Educational Resources As Compared to Textbooks
  • Slide 2: Giving students a public voice through open assignments (+ sound bite from Dr. Tom Cavanagh)
  • Slide 3: Acknowledging faculty collaboration on OER (+ sound bite from President Cartwright)

*Visit the CDL “Teach Online” website to learn more about UCF Pressbooks.


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