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Cervical Cancer Screening Knowledge Scale [English]

Cervical Cancer Screening Knowledge Scale



Item Difficulty Analyses of the Cervical Cancer Screening Knowledge Scale from the Needs Assessment Pilot Study

Note: (T) – true statement; (F) – false statement
Internal consistency of the knowledge scale (Cronbach alpha) = 0.7010 (16-items).
Item Percent correct SD
Q42. Cervical cancer is the most common cancer among women in Taiwan. (T) 0.90 0.30
Q43. People having sex without condoms have higher risk of getting cervical cancer. (T) 0.50 0.50
Q44. Pap smear test is done through drawing your blood sample. (F) 0.89 0.32
Q45. Women who are post-menopausal do not need Pap smear tests. (F) 0.88 0.33
Q47. If you have early stage cervical cancer, you will feel pain. (F) 0.54 0.50
Q48. Women who do not have regular cervical cancer screenings are more likely to have advanced cervical cancer when they were diagnosed. (T) 0.62 0.49
Q49. After women stop having children, they do not need Pap smear tests. (F) 0.94 0.25
Q50. A Pap smear test is most effective when you have one every year or two. (T) 0.94 0.25
Q51. Healthy adult women should have a Pap smear every year. (T) 0.94 0.23
Q52. A Pap smear test is not important for women like me. (F) 0.94 0.25
Q53. Only women who have had many sex partners need to get a Pap smear test. (F) 0.93 0.26
Q54. A Pap smear test only finds problems when they are too far along to be treated. (F) 0.41 0.49
Q55. A Pap smear test is necessary even if there is no family history of cancer. (T) 0.92 0.27
Q56. Once I have a negative Pap smear test, I do not need to have any more. (F) 0.95 0.21
Q57. I need a Pap smear test only when I experience vaginal bleeding other than menstruation. (F) 0.92 0.27
Q58. A Pap smear test is the same thing as a cervix biopsy. (F) 0.59 0.49


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