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252.5.3: Deriving Number of Atoms from Mass for an ElementFill in the Blanks
263.2.1: Calculating the Energy of RadiationFill in the Blanks
272.3.3: Calculation of Percent AbundanceFill in the Blanks
283.2.2: Photoelectric EffectFill in the Blanks
293.3.1: Calculating the Energy of an Electron in a Bohr OrbitFill in the Blanks
303.3.2: Calculating the Energy and Wavelength of Electron Transitions in a One–electron (Bohr) SystemFill in the Blanks
314.1.1: Quantum Numbers and Electron ConfigurationsFill in the Blanks
323.4, Example 2: Predicting Electron Configuration of IonsFill in the Blanks
333.5, Example 1: Sorting Atomic RadiiFill in the Blanks
344.4, Example 1: Ranking Ionization EnergiesMultiple Choice
355.3.1: Composition of IonsFill in the Blanks
365.3.2: Formation of IonsFill in the Blanks
375.3.3: Predicting the Formula of an Ionic CompoundFill in the Blanks
385.3.5: Predicting the Type of Bonding in CompoundsAdvanced fill the blanks
395.3.4: Predicting the Formula of a Compound with a Polyatomic AnionFill in the Blanks
408.3.3: Assigning Oxidation NumbersDrag and Drop
415.4.2: Naming Covalent CompoundsFill in the Blanks
425.5.2: Computing Formula Mass for an Ionic CompoundFill in the Blanks
435.7.3: Determining a Compound’s Empirical Formula from the Masses of Its ElementsFill in the Blanks
445.5.3: Deriving Moles from Grams for a CompoundFill in the Blanks
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