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3007.4.1: Counting σ and π BondsAdvanced fill the blanks
3017.7.3: Ion Predictions with MO DiagramsAdvanced fill the blanks
3028.3.5: Balancing Redox Reactions in Acidic SolutionDrag and Drop
3039.1.3: Calculation of Pressure Using a Closed-End ManometerFill in the Blanks
3049.1, Example 3: Calculation of Pressure Using a Closed-End ManometerFill in the Blanks
3059.8.1: Comparison of Ideal Gas Law and van der Waals EquationQuestion Set
30610.2.2: Identifying a Metal by Measuring Specific HeatEssay
3077.5, Example 2: Assigning HybridizationAdvanced fill the blanks
30811.1.2: Dipole-Dipole Forces and Their EffectsQuestion Set
30911.1.3: Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on Boiling PointsQuestion Set
31011.3.1: Explaining Vapor Pressure in Terms of IMFsEssay
31111.5.1: Determining the State of WaterFill in the Blanks
31211.5.2: Determining the State of Carbon DioxideAdvanced fill the blanks
31311.5.3: The Critical Temperature of Carbon DioxideEssay
31411.7.2: Calculation of Atomic Radius and Density for Metals, Part 2Fill in the Blanks
31511.7.3: Occupancy of Tetrahedral HolesFill in the Blanks
31613.3.1: Will Ice Spontaneously Melt?Essay
31713.4.4: Predicting the Temperature Dependence of SpontaneityEssay
31815.6.1: pH Changes in Buffered and Unbuffered SolutionsDrag and Drop
31916.1.12: Common Ion Effect on SolubilityAdvanced fill the blanks
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