Part 1: Early Modern Race Theory Readings and Roundtable Sessions

Early Modern Race Theory

Click the (+) in the ‘Table of Contents’ and read the embedded texts, possibly before the conference begins, in preparation for the following roundtables:

October 15:  13:30-14:15: Présentation du projet “Early Modern Race Theory”

Présidence / Chair : Valentina Denzel (Michigan State U.)

Update: Work of the project members since last SE-17 conference.

Breakout Room sessions: Discussion on the readings, and brainstorming on the subject of Race Theory.

Moderators: Valentine Balguerie, Domna Stanton, Ashley Williard, Katherine Dauge, Daniel Worden.

October 22: 11:00-12:30: Table Ronde / Roundtable « Early Race Theory »

Présidence / Chair : Domna Stanton (City University of New York)

Yann LIGNEREUX (U. Nantes) : « Une carte pour montrer l’Amérique… Et cacher dans l’ombre de l’empire le nouvel archipel colonial de la fin du règne de Louis XIV. »

Toby Erik WIKSTRÖM (U. of Iceland) : « Gradual Shifts and Tipping Points: Exploring the Multivalent Transition from a Mediterranean to an Atlantic Regime of Slavery in Early Modern French Culture. »

Valentine BALGUERIE (Randolph-Macon College) : « Les Indes Occidentales au miroir de l’Espagne : une critique du colonialisme par réflexion dans la Relation du Voyage d’Espagne (1691) de Madame d’Aulnoy ? »

Katherine DAUGE-ROTH (Bowdoin College) : « Black Women Making White Babies, White Women Making Black Babies: Maternal Imagination, Skin Color, and Inter-Racial Sexuality in the French Antilles. »

Roundtable followed by a discussion on these presentations and the content of the Breakout room sessions from October 15.


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